Homeboy Industries–"Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job"

Homeboy Industries–"Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job"

So many at-risk youths do not have opportunities to be educated or receive help with possible job placement. The mission of Homeboy Industries: Jobs, not Jails: Homeboy Industries assists at-risk and formerly gang-involved youth to become positive and contributing members of society through job placement, training, and education.

Homeboy Industries located in Los Angeles, California offers at-risk, recently released, and formerly gang-involved youth a chance to become contributing members of their communities.

Homeboy provides them with hope for their futures and is the nation’s largest gang-intervention and re-entry program – a model to all.

The services that Homeboy offers range from tattoo removal education, and substance abuse assistance to job training and placement. Homeboy has four training centers, where students can work on their job skills under training and supervision. Courses include bread baking, solar panel installation, learning to silkscreen or how to run a catering business or restaurant.

In addition, Homeboy provides G.E.D. preparation, computer skills training, basic finances and budgeting, household management, creative writing, and music composition. Each of these courses is designed to help enrich and balance out the lives of at-risk young people.

On-site is also a full-time lawyer who helps the students with legal issues, including assistance with clearing warrants, expungements, child custody cases, and support.
Gang tattoos can be a huge hindrance and obstacle for former gang members. Homeboy offers free tattoo removal with dedicated clinic space for two laser tattoo removal machines. Volunteer physicians perform the tattoo removal.

Twelve Step Meetings are a crucial part of rehabilitation for substance abuse users and Homeboy Industries provides Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Criminal/Gang Anonymous.

Very cool services that Homeboy Industries offers to the public are the Homeboy Bakery, Diner, Farmers Market, and Silkscreen. All foods are prepared at the training facilities of Homeboy Industries.

Donations to help these at-risk youth are always welcome, however, because these are working kids, purchasing their products is also a great way to support Homeboy Industries.

To all have a wonderful New Year–to education, compassion, and caring!