Inside Books Project

Inside Books Project

If you have a loved one or friend who is currently incarcerated in a Texas prison, the Inside Books Project is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that sends free books and educational material to prisoners throughout the state of Texas.

Literacy rates can be low in the prison system, and the Inside Books Project is helping to promote education, literacy and reading. In addition, the Inside Books Project helps to educated the public about issues connected with incarceration.

Studies have shown that the more education a prisoner receives while incarcerated, the less likelihood that they will commit a crime and return to prison. Many prison libraries have little constructive educational reading material available to prisoners, and much of the material is heavily censored as well.

Access to educational material is very limited as well as cultural reading, specific medical conditions, parenting, testing materials for GED’s and other specific reference material. Most commonly requested books include: Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Texas Criminal Law, How-to-Books, Foreign Language, Modern Science and Math books.

Until we are no longer separated by concrete and barb wire, IBP envisions itself as a gateway between prisoners and the outside community, where both can enrich their lives, empower, strengthen, and educate.


For many prisoners, having books, and educational material can be the only link to the outside world. Providing high-quality reading and educational material is essential to help improve their lives and for reducing recidivism rates.

Inside Books Project is the only organization in Texas that fulfills these needs. They receive at least 800 book requests each month. They rely on book donations and for a small fee, (to cover postage costs) will send the books to the prisoners.

If you would like to donate books or money, please read more about this important organization.