Let a Copyright Lawyer Defend You in Court

Copyright infringement is considered a serious crime in the United States. The maximum penalty for infringement depends on the nature of the offense. For example, military copyright crimes are prosecuted far more heavily than civilian crimes). However, you may also need a copyright attorney for everyday issues such as using copyrighted music in a YouTube video.

You need the services of a copyright lawyer who can defend your case if you’ve been accused of:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Infringement
  • Provable harm to the owner

A copyright infringement attorney from the Zoukis Consulting Group can also help defend cases where an owner is seeking huge damages from an infringing party. Read on to learn more about how we can help you defend against charges of infringement or counterfeiting.

There are many forms of infringement that can end up costing you a lot of money if charges are pressed successfully, including:

  • Using copyrighted music in a YouTube video
  • Selling goods branded with a fake corporate logo (for which you need a counterfeiting lawyer, see below)
  • Distributing goods without the permission of the holder for profit, which can include military offenses such as illegal firearm distribution

In any of these cases, you’ll need a skilled copyright attorney from the Zoukis Consulting Group to defend you against charges of infringement.


Counterfeiting is an offense that includes producing fake money as well as selling fake branded apparel. A counterfeiting lawyer can help reduce the steep sentences that a counterfeiting conviction brings. However, your counterfeiting attorney will advise you that most counterfeiting offenses end up with a prison sentence.

To avoid jail time or reduce your sentence for a counterfeiting charge, you need a qualified counterfeiting lawyer to argue your case. Speak to Zoukis Consulting Group for the best counterfeiting attorney services available.

Intellectual Property Offenses

Intellectual property offenses involve using material that another party has copyrighted for commercial gain. Examples of this include:

  • Selling knock-off clothing (e.g., Nike trainers that weren’t made by the brand Nike but bear the same logo)
  • Publishing content from another source without adequately attributing it to the source
  • Using a song that is copyrighted in an AV media publication that hasn’t successfully request permission to use the media from the holder

These offenses are prosecutable and could lead to substantial fines or prison time without the right legal defense. If accused, you need a skilled counterfeiting lawyer from the Zoukis Consulting Group to defend you from charges. Your copyright attorney can analyze the charges and defend you against a guilty verdict or can help reduce the charges.

We understand that this area of the law can be confusing. As your copyright infringement attorney, we will seek to minimize the damage you suffer as a defendant. Your copyright infringement lawyer should always have your best interests at heart. Call us today, and we will listen to your case fully and offer the most helpful advice for your case.

According to the law regarding Federal Property Crimes: Counterfeiting and Infringement of Copyrights or Trademarks (2B5.3), you need a copyright attorney if you’ve used copyrighted material for commercial gain.

For example, you can listen to a song in private, but if you have it playing in the background of a YouTube video that you gain ad revenue from, you’ll need a qualified counterfeiting lawyer to defend you.

The scale of the crime can be drastically increased depending on perceived harm to the owner. Your counterfeiting attorney can help you fight charges of harm to the owner by disputing their claims of damage to their brand or name via your use of their media. This especially applies in intellectual property cases involving the use of copyrighted music.

In other cases, such as producing fake versions of a branded product, your copyright attorney can help minimize damages leveled against you by the owner. For example, your copyright infringement lawyer can show that your perceived activities caused less damage to the brand than is claimed. Contact the Zoukis Consulting Group for more information about how we can reduce damages for infringement and defend you from charges.

A first-time conviction for copyright infringement can lead to 5 years of federal jail time plus up to $250,000 in fines. For repeat offenses, the time spent in prison can double.

Depending on the severity of the offense, your copyright infringement attorney could be able to reduce a prison sentence to a fine or decrease the severity of a fine.

If you’re dealing with copyright infringement charges, your best option is always to hire a copyright lawyer from the Zoukis Consulting Group for expert legal defense. Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll start a conversation about your charges and moving forward with your defense.