Let a Federal Heroin Lawyer Defend You

When facing charges concerning the sale, distribution, or possession of heroin, you will need a credible defense lawyer by your side. It’s critical that you are aware of your rights and that you have a knowledgeable heroin lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

We understand that this criminal offense varies depending on the state you’re located in, and we’re familiar with both state and federal codes under the Controlled Substance Act. Since heroin is a Schedule I drug, it has the most severe penalties regarding possession. Let one of our experts come to your defense. It is wise to have a heroin lawyer present even when speaking to the police. 

Should you already have been sentenced and convicted, we can help advise you while you’re in prison, including life improvement sentences. Our team of experts from the Zoukis Consulting Group is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have and to defend you in a court of law. 

What is Heroin?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that comes from morphine. The color and appearance of heroin depend on the methods used to make it and any substances it may get combined with. It could be a powder that’s white or brown, and it could even look black and sticky. 

Heroin is a part of the opioids class of drugs. Other similar drugs in this category are known painkillers such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. It is a very dangerous drug that you may not possess even the smallest quantity without facing serious criminal charges. 

What Are the Heroin Possession Charges?

Possession of heroin in any amount is a crime. Heroin is a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substance Act, and it carries heavy penalties. 

Heroin currently has no medicinal value and a high potential for drug abuse. Therefore, you cannot legally possess, manufacture, or distribute heroin in any quantity within the United States of America.

To face heroin possession charges, the prosecutor has to prove that the defendant knew about the heroin that was in their control. For example, let’s say someone mistakenly grabbed a stranger’s jacket because it was identical to theirs and it contained heroin, they will not get charged. 

Unless the prosecution can prove that this was anything more than an accident, they have no case, and the individual is free to go. 

What Is the Penalty For Heroin Crimes?

Once someone gets charged with the possession of heroin at the federal level, the charges may depend on your criminal history. If it is your first offense, and you have no other convictions for possession of heroin or other narcotics, your sentence will be less severe. You may face up to one year in prison, or you may get fined $1000 (or more), or both.

If the person has any prior convictions of possession, whether at the state or federal level, they may get sentenced to at least 15 days in prison, up to two years. They may also receive a fine of $2,500 or more, in addition to possible imprisonment.

If someone has more than two prior convictions of heroin possession or possession of any narcotics, they might have to serve three months in prison, pay at least $5,000, or both. 

The length of your prison sentence and the fine amount depends on the number of drugs you have in your possession. If it is suspected that you had the intention to sell the heroin, you will receive a much harsher penalty. 

Penalties for heroin possession at the state level vary from state to state. 

A Heroin Attorney Can Help You

A charge of heroin possession is a serious crime. Should you get investigated for possession, or you have already gotten charged, call us immediately to review your case. An attorney that is familiar with the state law regarding heroin possession can help you. 

At Zoukis Consulting Group, we can help you whether the charges are at a federal or state level, and we can disclose to you the strength of the facts that are against you. We will also tell you which defenses are applicable. It is our priority to make sure you are getting the proper defense that you need from one of our skilled lawyers.

We will provide a realistic assessment of the situation and give you our undivided attention and expertise to help you navigate your options. Call an expert from the Zoukis Consulting Group today to set up a meeting.