Mentoring Children of Prisoners

Mentoring Children of Prisoners

The number of American children that have a parent or even both parents in prison is staggering. More than 1.5 million as of this writing and many of these children are under the age of 10 years old. Many of these children do not have reliable adult supervision and often are left to fend for themselves, or sent from foster home to foster home. A large percentage of these children will most likely end up incarcerated themselves at some point in their lives. 

The National Service Knowledge Network is an online resource for children with parents in prison. The list is vast and comprehensive and provides programs where children can receive reliable adult mentoring in their lives.

Discover resources and support for programs striving to give these children the benefit of a reliable adult in their lives through a mentoring relationship.


The Corporation for National and Community Service works with faith-based and community organizations to provide services related to mentoring for children of inmates. Included are mentoring possibilities for at-risk-youth and gangs. 

The following services are offered through the National Service Knowledge Network:

Public and Private Ventures

Faith Community and Criminal Justice Collaboration — which is a collection of programs that show how people of faith work within the criminal justice system to help with mentoring.

Family and Corrections Network  — provides free pamphlets for people who are mentoring children of prisoners. 

Supporting Children of Inmate Senior Corps Highlights — Senior Corps members share their accomplishments and best practices of mentoring with other volunteers.

Mentoring Children of Prisoners Grantee Profiles — Shows project descriptions of Mentoring of Children of Prisoners grant competition. 

Many other resources are available on this website.

If you know of children with parents on prison, the National Service Knowledge Network is an invaluable resource!