Music In Prisons–The Irene Taylor Trust

Music In Prisons–The Irene Taylor Trust

One may not think that a creative music project could help with the rehabilitation of prison inmates, yet many, many incarcerated individuals across the UK have been helped tremendously through the Irene Taylor Trust Music in Prisons project.

In 1995, the Irene Taylor Trust was established in the memory of the late Lord Chief Justice Peter Taylor who had a passion for both music and prison rehabilitation. In 1996, the Trust began its work and since that time the Trust has delivered over 170 music projects in over 50 prisons throughout the UK, involving more than 2,000 inmate participants. As many as 10,000 people have had the opportunity to enjoy these musical performances.
The Music In Prisons program specializes in week-long creative music projects working with men, women, and youth who are currently incarcerated in the UK prison system. The leaders of these projects are professional musicians who encourage participation and support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in prison.

Music in Prisons provides a positive learning experience that can act as a vital catalyst in the process of rehabilitation…

All inmates have access to music projects, regardless of musical experience. Typically, a group of 10-12 participants is encouraged to experiment with different types of instruments, create song ideas, and write lyrics and part of the creative process. When the project is complete, the inmates involved perform their new music to other prisoners, staff, family, and friends. The music is also professionally recorded and mixed and copies of the CD are then available to the participants and their families.

The end result of the Music In Prison project is that the individuals that are involved in this unique experience, come away with a lasting sense of achievement and pride that can help with the prisoner’s sense of self-worth and contribution to society. This alone can be a huge stepping stone on the road to rehabilitation.
The live performances are open to the public–however, you must contact personnel in advance to be admitted to the live performance. Here is a list of upcoming events and locations.
Rehabilitation through music and the arts! To the Music In Prison project through the Irene Taylor Trust.