Notice to Prison Law Blog Readers

Notice to Prison Law Blog Readers

By Christopher Zoukis

I hope this post finds all of you well. Today I have an administrative note to share concerning the future of the Prison Law Blog.

As part of my vision for the future, a future which includes a new entity called Zoukis Prisoner Resources, the Prison Law Blog will be undergoing a transformation in the months to come. This transformation will see the Prison Law Blog as we know it moved to a new URL, With this move will come a slight shift in focus towards federal prison and federal criminal justice issues.

As my close friends and colleagues know, my release from federal prison is approaching. Come early 2018 I will be leaving prison for a halfway house in the Charleston, South Carolina area. After my period of halfway house and home confinement, I will be launching a prison consulting firm that aims to assist federal criminal defendants and federal prisoners (and their families alike) navigate the treacherous and often problematic federal criminal justice system. This website transition is made in preparation for the eventual launch of the firm.

This transition will unfold in several parts. Starting soon, Prison Law Blog will primarily publish articles about federal criminal justice and federal prison topics. I will continue to write about state and federal issues at and prison education topics at

Before the end of the year, our new site, Zoukis Prisoner Resources, will be live. We’ve put a lot of work into this new website and hope that you’ll find it an essential resource for federal prison information. The site will include a massive prison profile section which will profile every institution within the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Come early 2017 the big Prison Law Blog transition will take place. This will consist of us moving the blog itself to the new website, along with moving many of the existing Prison Law Blog static pages to the new site. Redirects will also be implemented so that when you come to this site looking for existing information, you will be forwarded to the respective page on the new site. This way nothing will be lost. Likewise, we’re going to be converting the Prison Law Blog social media profiles into Zoukis Prisoner Resources social media profiles. Our goal is for this process to move forward seamlessly.

While this transition will be significant, will continue to provide the same high quality, informative content that you have come to know and trust. I very much look forward to serving you in the new year at our new location, and to providing prison consulting services come mid-2018.