Prison Research Papers

In this section, you will find Prison Education’s research papers. Written by Christopher Zoukis, these papers explore prison education-related issues in more depth.

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Inmate Education Levels

High-Security High School

Benefits of Prison GED Education Programs 

College Education in American Prisons

Community College Education Programs for Inmates

University Education for Prisoners

College Courses in Prison Cut Crime

Vocational Training in Prison

The Importance and Availability of Vocational Training in Prison

Correctional Education Boosts Employment and Wages

Educating Prisoners Saves Money

How Prison Education Impacts Inmate Outlook

Prisoners Know Education is Important

The Need for High-Quality Correctional Education Studies

Funding Prison Education

Selection Bias Affects Prison Education Research

Raising the Standard of Correctional Education Research

Prison Education for Ethnic Minority Inmates

The Importance of Effective Correctional Education

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