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By Christopher Zoukis
I’m very proud to alert you about a new staffing acquisition. In an effort to become more timely and professional, has brought on a staff blogger. This blogger – who was acquired through our website management firm Intimo Media – will be scouring the web on a daily basis for breaking prison education news and policy changes. She will be posting this news twice a week to
With this new acquisition comes a new era in’s advocacy efforts. Kristina – the blogger – will bring a more up-to-the-minute facet to our articles, and will ensure continued content over and beyond the amount that I can provide with my work (teaching and writing) and my college studies. As it now stands, she will be posting every Saturday and Wednesday, I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday, and Janice Chamberlin will be posting every other Friday. We’re steaming forward toward our goal of daily fresh – and needed – content.
Do note that even though Kristina is now on the staff, we’re still looking for others who would like to submit blog posts or articles for the Education Behind Bars Newsletter.  As you’ll note, we now have our submission guidelines posted on the upper right shoulder of the EBBN homepage. These guidelines should provide clarity to potential contributors.
Since I haven’t mentioned the team lately, please allow me to do so now. The team here at consists of several very important persons who really make everything work and run as smoothly as possible.
Randy Radic – author of A Priest In Hell; Gone To Hell; Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood; The Sound of Meat; and the forthcoming Terminal Disaster: Inside the Money Machine – is my right hand man. He is my sounding board, chief executive (so to speak), and best friend. Randy keeps the wheels on the car and everything working as it should. He is an essential part of my work.
Laura W. – the celebrated mosaic artist and rescuer of felines – is my real connection to the outside world. She manages my communications, does research, and assists in my day-to-day work. As a matter of fact, Laura’s research skills unearthed Intimo Media, our wizards of technology.
Pasquale – from Intimo Media – is our web designer, search engine optimization expert, and IT guy. He’s responsible for the great new design and functionality of both and
Kristina – from Intimo Media – is our new staff blogger.
Barbara Carole – author of Twelve Stones: Notes on a Miraculous Journey – is our marketing and editorial consultant.
Linda Huddleston – owner of Midnight Express Books – manages the Education Behind Bars Newsletter. She assists with all newsletter related correspondence and the layout and distribution of the newsletter.