7 Prison Weight Loss Secrets

By Christopher Zoukis

The abundance of literature on weight loss inevitably leads one to the understanding that successful weight loss tactics are either very extreme or cumbersomely complicated.  Some suggest fasting or a liquid diet; others suggest that primarily lean meats should be eaten, and at very specific times of the day . . . or night.  And still others suggest that fish eggs, certain types of Himalayan salts, or God knows what else should be incorporated.  This is not one of those articles.

The “secret” to weight loss is, well, not a secret at all.  All of us understand that weight loss is a mathematical equation.  If the body takes in more calories than it burns, then weight is gained.  If, on the other hand, the body burns more calories than it takes in, then weight is lost.  Simple.  No patches, specially cooked meals, or howling at the moon required.

Before we begin, a note about these secrets originating from a prison, a federal prison to be exact.  The simple truth of the matter is that while social life in prison is exceedingly complex (as illustrated at, nutrition in prison is simple.  There are no pills, powders, or workout drinks to buy.  There are no CD or DVD players, so there is no option, or need, to purchase any such supplemental, often branded types of information.  In most of today’s prisons, there aren’t even any weights or exercise bikes to use.  And by losing substantial weight in prison, without the aid of any of these extra, costly products, it is shown that weight loss is simple, yet certainly not easy.

The premise of this article is that people who want to lose weight can, but that it takes smart, clean eating, a bit of determination, and lifestyle tweaks.  And with this being said, we present the 7 Prison Weight Loss Secrets:

Secret #1: Settle on a Goal and Create a Plan

Perhaps the most important secret to weight loss is planning.  Anyone can say, and even fully believe, that they are just going to go cold turkey on junk food and sodas, and at the same time, spend two hours in the gym a day.  While that’s a nice, fanciful idea, many won’t be able to follow through with it even if they want to.  This is because losing weight is hard; a real lifestyle change.  And with a lifestyle change comes detailed planning.

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