Stop, Stop, Now Go: Is it Ok to be Successful Now?

By Christopher Zoukis

Over the past several months a nagging inconsistency has presented itself.  This is of a generally stated goal of preparing inmates for reintegration back into society through education, training, and rehabilitation, but requiring them to wait until the gates open to actually practice any of the skills we ostentatiously are attempting to facilitate.  Is it just me or is this a crazy concept?

When I first started writing…well, I didn’t first start writing.  I started by learning the alphabet.  Then, after mastering individual letters, I worked on understanding words.  From there I progressed to sentences, punctuation, paragraphs, letters, and now, research papers and books.  This is at least how the process of learning works for me; concept, specifics, practice, perfection (eventually).  Irrespective of my experience, common practice in correctional facilities would have you believe otherwise.

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Jails to Jobs

For many incarcerated prisoners, the thought of finding employment once they are released can be a daunting task. And this is where Jails to Jobs comes along to help directly with this issue. Jails to Jobs is an organization that helps ex-offenders find the tools they may need to help themselves find gainful employment, from resume writing to handling interviews.

In the words of Jails to Jobs, “The most critical factors in achieving a successful job hunt are attitude, persistence and having a plan. The first thing you must do is to create a mind set and put together the tools you need to carry out your search.”

Which begins the process of Jails to Jobs helping each and every individual ex-prisoner find their unique potential in the working world. Ex-prisoners begin with a self-assessment and then move on to applying past work experience skills to find potential jobs that may require some of those same skills.

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