Update: Ohio University’s Print Degree Programs

Update: Ohio University’s Print Degree Programs

Ms. Kristi Large was kind enough to contact PrisonEducation.com with the following information about Ohio University’s distance education programs.

I am writing from Ohio University eLearning. We are the department that handles online and distance education at Ohio University.

I’d like to give you an updated link to use on your Programs for Prisoners page when you link to Ohio University. The Ohio University eCampus homepage houses correctional education information, and it is much easier for an interested party to find the appropriate programs through this link: ohio.edu/ecampus/

(You will see a link to correctional education information conveniently located in the header).

I’d also like to note that the degrees listed there are completed by taking print correspondence courses. We offer associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and paralegal studies certificates in print format. You can learn more about these programs on this page: ohio.edu/ecampus/print/correctional/index.htm

Kristi Large
Interactive Marketing Specialist
Ohio University eLearning
[email protected]