Wesleyan Center for Prison Education

Wesleyan Center for Prison Education
222 Church Street
Middletown, CT 06459

Website: wesleyan.edu/cpe
Email: [email protected]

The Center for Prison Education (CPE) has provided a high-caliber liberal arts education to a growing student body of men and women incarcerated at Cheshire Correctional Institution and York Correctional Institution since 2009 and 2013, respectively.

The courses offered by CPE are comparable to their counterparts on campus in content and expectations of students. The only college-in-prison program in Connecticut, CPE prides itself on the rigor of our admission process, the range of curricular offerings, and the high standards to which our students are held.

The success of CPE’s students demonstrates the ability of this marginalized community to succeed in even the most demanding academic environment.

The importance of Wesleyan education to CPE students cannot be overstated. Non-Wesleyan educational programming at Cheshire and York is almost exclusively limited to GED prep and English language study. Students value the intellectual stimulation provided by CPE, the learning community it creates amongst students, and the ability of a liberal arts education to change the way students think about themselves and others.