Worthwhile Criminal Justice Organizations

Worthwhile Criminal Justice Organizations

ACLU Capital Punishment Project

The ACLU’s Capital Punishment Project fights valiantly for those on death row across the United States. They monitor conditions of confinement and are often the last resort for the innocent who sit on death row with no other avenue of recourse.

ACLU National Prison Project

The ACLU’s National Prison Project is dedicated to ensuring that our nation’s prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, and immigration detention centers comply with the Constitution, federal law, and international human rights principles and to addressing the crisis of over-incarceration in the United States.

ACLU Oregon

ACLU Oregon is the Oregon branch of the ACLU. They are also friends of PrisonEducation.com.

American Friends Service Committee

The AFSC (Arizona Area Program) is a group that fights for restorative justice, a common-sense kind of justice that allows for the offender to be reintegrated back into society upon the payment of his/her debts. They are also a friend of PrisonEducation.com.

Assisting Families of Inmates

AFOI really is a great group! They support families of inmates and advocate for better visitation policies. They also assist families of inmates in the state of Virginia by providing low-cost transportation services for prison visitation. Their Milk and Cookies program assists children of inmates with much-needed support groups and after-school programs.

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

CCWP is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that struggles for racial and gender justice. They publish a great newsletter entitled The Fire Inside and are highly regarded amongst prison abolition activists.


Cellpals is a prison pen-pal service that cares deeply about the needs of its incarcerated clients. They are also a supporter of Prison Education.com and prison education in general.

Death Row Inmates

Death Row Inmates is a great group that advocates for the abolition of the death penalty, general death penalty reform, and prisoners’ rights. They also have an all-inclusive and very impressive death row advocacy social network. Their campaigns include their Convicts Against Cancer, Papyrus Collective (their publishing branch), National Inmate Donor Registry (an initiative supporting prisoners donating organs), and their very economical pen-pal service.

Epoch Publication

Epoch Publications, a publisher of documents and provider of services to prisoners, has recently launched The Prison Insider. The Prison Insider is a magazine and website dedicated to the support of inmates and their families and loved ones. Furthermore, inmates are encouraged to submit works of poetry, art, and articles (fiction and non-fiction) to be posted to the site’s blog. Epoch gives a voice to the voiceless.

Gerald Balone

Gerald Balone is an author and motivational speaker. After spending 37 years in 17 prisons in New York, Mr. Balone decided that he had had enough. Now he speaks to groups of kids and attempts to set them on the right path so that they don’t have to go through what he did. Plus, he’s a friend of PrisonEducation.com.

Help from Beyond the Walls

Help from Beyond the Walls, a company founded and operated by former prisoners is dedicated to providing services that prisoners need at a low cost. They provide services such as research, pen pal ads, purchasing books and magazine subscriptions, and much more. Plus, they support prisoner activists and PrisonEducation.com.

International CURE

International CURE is the international branch of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, an international prisoners’ rights advocacy group. International CURE is very much on the international stage and at the forefront of prisoner’s rights the world over.

J Journal

J Journal is a twice-yearly publication of new creative writing that poses questions about justice, directly and tangentially. They publish articles, essays, and poetry and are one of the better justice-related literary publications around.

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

The JJIE is a great project which covers all things juvenile justice. Issues such as homelessness and addiction have been tangled.

Kentucky Education Television

KET produces video, print, and online resources for learners and teachers from preschool through professional development and provides adult education programming to PBS stations nationwide.

Lewisburg Prison Project

LPP assists inmates who feel their civil rights have been violated concerning their conditions of confinement (medical, safety issues, etc). LPP also offers a number of legal bulletins for a small fee. Plus, they are supporters of PrisonEducation.com!

Missouri CURE

Missouri CURE is the Missouri branch of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, an international prisoners’ rights advocacy group. The leadership at Missouri CURE has been very generous and kind to PrisonEducation.com.

National CURE

National CURE is the national branch of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, an international prisoner’s rights advocacy group. They are a stark supporter of prisoners, their families, and the improvement of conditions of confinement. They are pro-prison education.

Ohio Justice & Policy Center

OJPC is a non-profit, non-partisan law firm representing people marginalized by the criminal justice system and advocating local and statewide smart-on-crime reform.


PrisonInmates.com is a social network exclusively for inmates, their friends, families, and those who wish to correspond with them.

Prison Journal

The Prison Journal is a great publication that publishes primarily poetry, artwork, and essays from prisoners. The managers are very decent people who continue to publish the Prison Journal out of the kindness of their hearts and their own pocket. Their efforts are much appreciated and highly regarded.

Prisoners’ Network

Prisoners’ Network is an international pen-pal service that connects its members to people throughout the world. They also operate a national information reference service that can provide instant access to thousands of agencies.

Prison Reform Trust

The Prison Reform Trust is a prison reform group out of the United Kingdom. They are good friends of PrisonEducation.com and have been instrumental in informing those in the United Kingdom of the work that the blog does.

Prisonworld Magazine

Prisonworld Magazine is a great prisoner publication that has a soft spot for prisoner-authors.

Dianne Sikel

Dianne Sikel is a true prison educator. She teaches communication & empowerment workshops in the Maricopa County Jail in Arizona. She teaches both men and women and does so on a volunteer basis.

Safer Society Foundation

The Safer Society Foundation’s work focuses on providing information and resources to help create safer communities through prevention and effective public policy, to provide victims with healing and restitution, and to provide offenders with the tools to be accountable for their actions and to work toward rehabilitation.


VA CURE is the Virginia branch of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, an international prisoners’ rights advocacy group. They are very decent people and do a lot of great work in the state of Virginia.

The Voices.Con Newsletter

Voices.Con provides a free monthly newsletter for those serving a term-to-life sentence and their supporters. They are an excellent source of information relating to parole preparation, parole-related politics, understanding parole law and current rulings, and the importance of retaining the proper council and psychologists for parole hearings.

Write A Prisoner

Write A Prisoner is a very large prison pen-pal site. They boast several thousand visitors a day from the United States and abroad. And their site is translated into 51 different languages. To top this off, they offer a Back to Work program for soon-to-be-released prisoners and a Books Behind Bars program that assists prison education departments with obtaining good literature.

National Alliance on Mental Illness-DC Branch

Established in 1981 as D.C. Threshold, NAMI DC has been serving the families of persons with mental illness in the nation’s capital for over a quarter of a century. Their education, support, and advocacy efforts include offering information to the community on mental illness, as well as providing consumer and family support and education programs.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.