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If you need experts on drug sale laws and the subsequent penalties thereof, our attorneys at the Zoukis Consulting Group are perfect for the job. If you get prosecuted, and you’re facing federal drug sale charges, one of our very best drug sale lawyers will defend you in court. 

Our highly skilled defense attorneys will have the know-how to present the evidence and negotiate with the courts to increase your chances of avoiding the maximum sentence.

If you get a life sentence in federal prison, we can help prepare you and advocate on your behalf to the judge. So contact us right away to work on your case as soon as possible.

Drug Sale Charges

Drug sale or drug dealing charges refer to criminal charges for an illegal controlled substance’s executed sale or attempted sale. Those substances include cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or meth. 

Depending on a state’s laws, drug selling can get referred to as “possession with the intent to sell drugs”. Drug dealing charges happen to be more limited than drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking is more expansive and includes any part in the process of making, transporting, and selling drugs.

Typically the penalties incurred for drug dealing are determined by several factors. Such factors include the kind of drug sold, the number of prior offenses that the offender has had, and how much of the drug got sold. 

In previous cases, there have been people who didn’t intend to sell drugs that were in their possession, but because they had over a certain amount, they were presumed to be selling it anyway.

What is Federal Drug Selling?

Many drug crimes get prosecuted at the state level, such as possession and intent to distribute.

However, circumstances such as location, type, quantity, and crossing over state lines can make the charges go from the state to the federal level.

The manufacturing, possessing, or distributing of any controlled substance is prohibited by the federal government. These crimes get rated on a scale that ranges from Schedule I to Schedule IV, with Schedule IV being the least dangerous and Schedule I being the most dangerous. 

Federal law usually steps in on cases where drugs move across state borders, such as drug trafficking. Conversely, state law focuses on the manufacturing and possession of drugs. Below are examples of how a drug charge can become a federal crime.

As previously stated, the penalty for selling drugs will become even more severe if the crime committed involves crossing state or international borders. For instance, crossing state lines with a high number of controlled substances, you’ll likely get charged with the federal offense of drug trafficking. 

A person that violates federal law will get sentenced according to the amount of controlled substance found in their possession. Moreover, whether you face state or federal charges can depend on the arresting officer as well.

If you get caught selling drugs on government property, you may also get charged with a federal drug offense. For example, if you possess or distribute any controlled substance in prison, a national park, a federal office building, or a federal courthouse, you’ll likely get charged federally because the crime would’ve been committed on government property, which falls under federal jurisdiction.

Moreover, if you sell or transport drugs using the United States Post Office or by a private mail carrier, you may be subject to federal drug charges.

What is the Punishment for Selling Drugs?

There are stiffer penalties handed out to those who sell drugs than to those who have a simple possession charge in the United States. The penalties vary from state to state.  Anyone who is a repeat offender may be charged with twice as much jail time and fines depending on the circumstances.

People who get caught selling drugs to someone underage will face even stiffer penalties. For example, the sentence for selling drugs may increase by five years for standard sentences. A person who employs a minor who is 17 years or younger will face a felony charge (Class F). Moreover, the law will not allow you to build a defense on not being aware.

Law enforcement personnel can search for evidence such as scales, law quantities of cash, or plastic bags to charge someone with possession of drugs and intent to sell. It doesn’t take a large amount of an illegal drug for you to get charged in many cases.

A Drug Sale Attorney Will Fight For You

Here at the Zoukis Consulting Group, our goal is to get you a lesser penalty by advocating on your behalf through our support and resources.

Remember that you should never speak with the police without the presence of a lawyer before and after you’ve been charged.

We will use our skills and experience to thoroughly evaluate your case and the details thereof, to make the best decision with your interest in mind. Our expertise and experience qualify us to present you with plea negotiations and represent you competently. Call us today and get started immediately.

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