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Cocaine laws are serious crimes that come with severe penalties for the convicted. We care about our client’s well-being, ensuring that we will fight for you to get the best possible outcome.

Our experts are familiar with the federal cocaine laws, and we can try to get your sentence suspended or lessened once we have reviewed the evidence against you.

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What Are Cocaine Crimes?

Trafficking, using, selling, possessing, and distributing recreational cocaine are all serious crimes that come with stiff penalties.

State-level criminal penalties for cocaine can vary depending on the amount in an offender’s possession, the intent of possession, and how the substance was procured. The types of penalties can vary.  

You can face misdemeanor charges for miniscule amounts, and for large quantities, you can face more severe felony charges for intent to distribute and traffic. Furthermore, misdemeanor offenses will typically result in court fines, probation, and short stints of incarceration. On the other hand, felony offenses can lead to up to 20 years of imprisonment. This is all contingent on the severity of the crime.

There are certain cocaine offenses that violate the Federal Controlled Substances Act, such as trafficking. These violations are prosecuted as federal felony offenses. Such offenses can come with exorbitant fines of between $1 million to $50 million coupled with prison time of 20 years to life. 

If a person has at minimum one prior trafficking conviction, they’ll be subject to even more penalties of between $2 and $75 million and consecutive life sentences.

What Are the Federal Cocaine Laws?

In the United States, possession of cocaine for recreational use is illegal in any form. The punishment for cocaine possession can include financial and legal ramifications such as suspension of driver’s license, arrest, court fines, incarceration, and mandatory rehabilitation programs.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration classifies cocaine as a Schedule II narcotic. Classified as a stimulant narcotic, cocaine has euphoric and very addictive qualities. Possession and distribution of a schedule II controlled substance can be accompanied by a wide range of penalties that varies from state to state. These penalties are mainly determined by the amount within an offender’s possession at the time of the arrest.

What is the Penalty for Cocaine Possession?

If you are facing charges or have been apprehended for possession, contact us immediately to negotiate a lesser bargain, if possible. Here are the penalties for possessing or distributing cocaine are as follows:

If you have gotten arrested and charged for selling, transporting, or possessing 500 grams or less of cocaine, it warrants up to 20 years in a federal penitentiary. An individual that uses cocaine and sustains injuries or death will face a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

Businesses will get fined up to $5 million, and individuals will get fined up to $10 million. You also have to get supervised for at least three years once you’ve gotten released if it was your first offense. You are not allowed to receive a suspended sentence, parole, or probation in cases of injury or death. 

Second-time offenders are looking at up to 39 years of imprisonment with a six-year supervision period.

At the next level, 500 grams or more, but less than five kilograms of cocaine, will get the offender 5-40 years of prison. Businesses can still get fined up to $5 million, and it’s $2 million for individuals. First-time offenders need four years of supervision once they get released, and second-time offenders get ten years to life in prison, along with eight years of supervision. 

Over five kilograms of cocaine starts with ten years to life in prison. Businesses may get fined up to 10 million dollars, and individuals, up to $4 million. There is a five-year supervision requirement, and your sentence cannot get suspended, nor are you eligible for early parole.

If you’re a second-time offender that gets charged with the possession of more than five kilograms of cocaine, you may face 20-life in prison, plus ten years of supervision afterward.

Let a Cocaine Attorney Help You

Charges of cocaine possession can change your life drastically, and the financial ramifications are severe as well.

You should contact one of our cocaine lawyers at the Zoukis Consulting Group right away so that we can review your case and thoroughly check the evidence against you. If there is any way to alleviate your sentence, we will find it.

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