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Washington State houses one stand-alone federal prison. This Washington State federal prison is overseen by the Western Regional Office. In total, 644 inmates are housed inside this federal prison in Washington State.

Washington State Federal Prisons by Security Level

Administrative-Security Federal Prisons in Washington State

  • FDC SeaTac (Seattle, WA)
Washington State Federal Prisons

Federal Prisons in Washington State

FDC SeaTac

Federal Detention Center SeaTac is an administrative-security level federal prison located in Seattle, Washington. It is overseen by the U.S. Bureau of PrisonsWestern Regional Office. FDC SeaTac is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 586 male and female inmates primarily in two-person cells and dormitories.

Federal Prisons in Washington State

List of Washington State Federal Prisons

There is one federal prison in Washington State. It is overseen by the Western Regional Office of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The below link will take you to the facility’s comprehensive profile, where you can learn about the prison’s educational offerings, psychological treatment programs, recreational activities, inmate information, inmate correspondence address, and visitation policies. Additionally, we also have the facility’s Inmate A&O Handbook, visitation supplement specific to the facility, most recent PREA report, and other relevant local information.

SeaTac FDC

Federal Detention Center SeaTac, located near the Seattle-Tacoma International airport in SeaTac, Washington, is an administrative-level prison. It is 12 miles south of downtown Seattle and 16 miles north of Tacoma. It opened in 1997 and serves male and female inmates of all security statuses. The facility houses inmates awaiting federal trial in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington for sentencing, holdover inmates awaiting transfer to their designated facility, immigrant detainees in Immigration and Naturalization Service custody, and inmates serving the remainder of their short sentences. It is housed within the Western District of Washington federal district. Inmates have access to routine dental and medical care, leisure and law libraries, religious services, and recreational opportunities where inmates can engage in both indoor and outdoor recreation. An institutional commissary is also available to the inmate population, where inmates can purchase food, clothing, over-the-counter medications, electronics, and other personal items. Due to being a shorter-term holding facility, many of the prison’s offerings are limited in scope, designed to maintain inmates until their final designation in federal prison. Inmates also have access to the TRULINCS computers, where they can email their families. Monitored telephones are also available to the inmate population.

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