State Specific Prison Publications

California Prisoners

Prison Focus

Prison Focus is a biannual magazine produced by the group California Prison Focus. Issues focus on a specific theme, such as Survival in PrisonInternational Imprisonment, and Children of Prisoners. In this magazine, one finds prison-related news from newspapers and human-rights organizations. The editors print and encourage article submissions from prisoners, as well as evaluations of conditions at Pelican Bay State Prison in California. Cost for four issues: $5 for prisoners, $20 for others.

2940 16th Street #B-5
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 252-9211

[email protected]

California Lifer Newsletter

California Lifer Newsletter may be found in your prison law library. If not, a year’s subscription (6 issues) is $25 or 80 postage stamps. Issues provide a comprehensive (70+ pages) reporting of cases litigated and news or events of interest to California’s prisoners serving indeterminate sentences. Together with attorneys and his staff, Donald (“Doc”) Miller, a former physician and lifer who got his law degree while in prison, works to consult with lifers and help to provide litigation and administrative appeals. For more information, contact:

California Lifer Newsletter
P.O. Box 277
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741

Tel: (916) 402-3750

Delaware Prisoners

Delaware Center for Justice Commentary

Delaware Center for Justice Commentary is a free, quarterly newsletter of interest to prisoners in Delaware state prisons. For more information, contact:

Delaware Center for Justice Commentary
100 West 10th Street, #905
Wilmington, DE 19801

(302) 658-7174

Louisiana Prisoners

The Angolite

The Angolite is a magazine published bimonthly “by and for the inmates” of the Louisiana State Penitentiary. It features current events, religion, and sports sections, as well as a legal Q&A from prisoners. $ 20 for a one-year subscription. For more information, contact:

The Angolite
C/O Cashier’s Office
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA 70712

[email protected]

Maryland Prisoners

Maryland CURE Newsletter

Maryland CURE Newsletter is the quarterly publication of Maryland CURE, covering legislative, prison system, and criminal justice news relevant to prisoners incarcerated in Maryland. Subscriptions are fulfilled through CURE membership at $2 for prisoners, $10 for individuals, and $15 for families. For more information, contact:

Maryland CURE Newsletter
P.O. Box 23
Simpsonville, MD 21150
[email protected]

Michigan Prisoners

Michigan CURE Newsletter

Michigan CURE Newsletter is the quarterly publication of MI-CURE, covering legislative, prison system, and criminal justice news of interest to prisoners incarcerated in Michigan. For more information, contact:

Michigan CURE Newsletter
P.O. Box 2736
Kalamazoo, MI 49003-2736

(802) 257-1342

Minnesota Prisoners

The Prison Mirror

The Prison Mirror is a monthly newsletter of interest to prisoners incarcerated within the Minnesota Stillwater Correctional Facility. For more information, contact:

The Prison Mirror
C/O Pat Pawlak
970 Pickett Street North
Bayport, MN 55003-149
(651) 779-2700

Northwestern States: Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming

Justice Matters

Justice Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the Partnership for Safety and Justice that reports on criminal justice issues in northwestern states. A subscription is $7 per year for prisoners and $15 for others. For more information, contact:

Partnership for Safety and Justice
P.O. Box 40085
Portland, OR 97240

(503) 335-8449

Ohio Prisoners

Against All Odds — CURE Ohio

Against All Odds is a newsletter from CURE-Ohio that publishes information of interest to Ohio state prisoners. For more information, contact:

Against All Odds
P.O. Box 4080
Columbus, OH 43214

Pennsylvania Prisoners


Graterfriends is a monthly publication that provides an opportunity for prisoners incarcerated in a Pennsylvania state prison to voice their opinions and concerns about prison legislation and criminal justice issues. The newsletter strives to facilitate communication between prisoners and correctional staff and between prisoners and the outside community. Submit articles to Dee Johnson, Managing Editor, telephone extension 112.

An annual subscription is $3 for prisoners and $15 for others. To subscribe, write:

Attention: Graterfriends Subscriptions
Pennsylvania Prison Society
245 North Broad Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 564-6005, ext. 102

Virginia Prisoners

Inside Out – Virginia CURE

Inside Out is the quarterly newsletter of Virginia CURE, which regularly covers legislative, prison, and criminal justice issues of interest to Virginia state prisoners. Subscriptions are fulfilled through CURE membership. Membership dues are $2 for prisoners (or 6 stamps), $15 for individuals, $25 for families, $50 for supporting members, $150 for life members/ organizations, and $250 for benefactors. For more information, contact:

Inside Out
C/O Virginia CURE
P.O. Box 2310
Vienna, VA 22183

(703) 272-3624


The Veterans Advocate

The Veterans Advocate is a newsletter that focuses on veterans’ law, advocacy, and lifestyles. Subscriptions are $80 for 1 year or $120 for two years. To subscribe, contact:

The Veterans Advocate
C/O National Veterans Legal Services Program
P.O. Box 65762
Washington, DC 20035

(202) 265-8305