Montana Correctional Enterprises

Imagine wearing an embroidered shirt made by prison inmates. Within the prison system throughout the state of Montana, inmates are on a special work program that provides valuable vocational training skills that will help them find gainful employment when they are released form prison. To quote the Montana Correctional Enterprises  – “Working on the Inside – Succeeding on the Outside.”

The mission of the Montana Correctional Enterprises is to  provide employment and training opportunities to incarcerated individuals within the Montana correctional program. Benefits from this program include developing skills which help them with their chance for success upon release; reduces problems associated with offenders who sit idle; helps to build the inmates sense of self-worth through the accomplishment of goals and helps produce valuable quality products for government agencies.

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Center For Employment Opportunities – Work Program for Ex-Offenders

Studies find that the sooner an ex-offender finds employment the lower the recidivism rate is. The first few weeks upon release from prison are the ripest time for an ex-offender to feel hope and to be able to turn their lives around. And the sooner they can get into a work program, the more hopeful they can be and the more their self-esteem builds. This equals reduced recidivism rates and saves tax payers money.


In New York City there is an innovative and effective work program titled Center For Employment Opportunities.

The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is dedicated to providing immediate, effective and comprehensive employment services to men and women with recent criminal convictions. Our highly structured and tightly supervised programs help participants regain the skills and confidence needed for a successful transition to a stable, productive life.

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