Bare Hill Correctional Facility and the International Men’s Day; Healing And Repatriation Initiative

By Diane Sears For the second consecutive year, on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 — International Men’s Day under the theme, “Working Together For Men And Boys” —  Bare Hill Correctional Facility located in Malone, New York, participated in the International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation” Initiative which provides Incarcerated Men with the opportunity to join

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International Men's Day Invitation

By Jerome Teelucksingh I want to invite all members of to observe International Men’s Day on 19 November 2014. International Men’s Day continues to cross geographical, political, cultural, and language barriers and was celebrated by boys, girls, men, and women of different ethnicities, ages, religions, and classes.  The theme for 2014 is   “Working Together

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Men Are Important

By Diane A. Sears The world needs men. Men are the key architects of our bridge to the future. And our children are our future – our bridge to the future. Yes, men are necessary. Every day in their usual unassuming way, men offer each of us valuable life lessons. Life lessons about honor – that one’s word should be one’s bond. If you

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Bare Hill Correctional Facility to Observe 2014 International Men’s Day


Calendar Year 2014 marks the correctional institution’s second observance of International Men’s Day as part of the International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation” Initiative launched in 2012.  Bare Hill Correctional Facility’s observance of 2014 International Men’s Day is being coordinated by an Incarcerated Father who has served since 2012 as the Empowerment Coordinator for International Men’s Day at the invitation of the Founder of International Men’s Day, Jerome Teeluckingsingh, Ph.D.  The International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation” Initiative was inaugurated in 2012 by  the United States Coordinator for International Men’s Day and Chair of the 2012-2022 International

24 JUNE 2014 —  Bare Hill Correctional Facility located in Malone, New York will join institutions, organizations, and individuals in 80 nations in observing 2014 International Men’s Day on Wednesday, 19 November 2014.  This year’s theme for International Men’s Day is “Working Together for Men and Boys”.  

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International Men’s Day

From Diane A. Sears  Image courtesy
On 24 October 2012, Ms. Geneuvive Twala, the Botswana Coordinator for International Men’s Day conceived  the “2012-2022 International Men’s Day Ten Year Plan” which is designed to help quantify the results which should be achieved during a 10 year period to eradicate key challenges that prevent Men and Boys from living fulfilled, happy, healthy and long lives.   The idea is to determine by what amount one would like to, for example, reduce the school drop out rate for boys and adolescent young males through International Men’s Day.  As a further example, Ms. Twala decided that by 2022,  a 50% reduction in the number of boys and adolescent young males who drop out of school should be achieved.  I was so impressed with Ms. Twala’s conception, that I immediately adopted this plan for the United States.
The USA 2012-2022 International Men’s Day Ten Year Plan will target for resolution the following challenges which prevent Men and Boys from living fulfilled, happy, and long lives:
1.  Education
– Reduce school drop out rate for boys and young adolescent males by 50%.
– Increase literacy rate for boys and young adolescent males by 80%
– Explore existing models that effectively address school dropout and literacy issues to determine if they can be implemented nationally
– Design and implementation of tutoring and mentoring programs
2.  Mass Incarceration, Re-Entry, and Reintegration
Mass Incarceration:  Identify causative factors attributing to rising number of boys, young adolescent males, and Men being incarcerated (e.g., poverty, lack of positive male role models, lack of mentoring, lack of education, dysfunctional families, etc.)
Mass Incarceration:  Explore existing models that eradicate causative factors attributable to placing boys, young adolescent males, and Men on the path to prison
Re-Entry/Reintegration:  Mandatory one (1) year minimum two-tiered “psychological debriefing program” for formerly incarcerated and their families and loved ones to (a) provide formerly incarcerated with psychological and emotional tools needed to resolve self-esteem, anger management, and decision making issues; and (b) provide family members and loved with emotional and psychological tools to help formerly incarcerated individuals successfully navigate the arduous journey to healing, redemption, and reintegration.
Re-Entry/Reintegration:  Mandatory Mentoring Program which matches up a newly released incarcerated individual with a formerly incarcerated individual who has a track record of successfully reintegrating into society and family life for one-on-one mentoring.
Re-Entry/Reintegration:  Paid Apprenticeship Programs in all industries which lead, after completion of apprenticeship,  to full-time employment at companies offering the apprentice programs to formerly incarcerated individuals.
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International Men’s Day: Call To Action For Women

NEW YORK, NY (USA) – 14 October 2013 – In observance of 2013 International Men’s Day which will be celebrated in over 70 nations throughout our global village under the theme, “Keeping Men And Boys Safe”, Raising Great Men™ has issued a “Call To Action To Women” to support the emotional and mental well-being of

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The Center For Returning Citizens


Mr. J. Jondhi Harrell

Executive Director

The Center for Returning Citizens Mr. J. Jondhi Harrell / Photo courtesy

Telephone: (215) 305-8793

E-Mail: [email protected]


PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA) – 12 August 2013 – Each year approximately 35,000 individuals who have been incarcerated in federal, state, and local correctional facilities return to their families and neighborhoods in the City of Philadelphia – the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States. For these Men and Women, who are often referred to as “Returning Citizens,” the journey of redemption and reintegration is arduous and challenging. The Center for Returning Citizens (“TCRC”) is the brainchild of Mr. J. Jondhi Harrell, a Thought Leader on social justice and the successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into society. Mr. Harrell serves as the organization’s Executive Director. Under his leadership, the organization offers a myriad of services which comprehensively and effectively addresses the unique issues of formerly incarcerated individuals. A global model for healing and repatriation for formerly incarcerated individuals, TCRC has been selected to assume a leadership role for 2013 International Men’s Day for Returning Citizens and individuals and organizations that provide resources and support services to them throughout the City of Philadelphia.

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International Men's Day – 2013


Diane A. Sears – Coordinator              

2013 International Men’s Day

E-Mail:[email protected]



BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM – 14 February 2013 — People all over the world are used to relating to men as protectors and providers, but how often do we consider the actions we can all take to protect Men and Boys from harm and provide them with a safe world where they can thrive and prosper?

In the run up to 2013 International Men’s Day — Tuesday 19th November — ,we’re asking supporters of the day to focus on five key challenges that will help create a better world for everyone by Keeping Men and Boys Safe.:

 Keeping Men And Boys Safe By Tackling Male Suicide   

Every minute of every hour of every day, one more man reaches the point where he thinks the only option is to take his own life.

According to the World Health Organisation, it is estimated that nearly one million people take their lives every year and most of them are Men. In developed countries, Men are generally three to four times more likely to take their own lives.

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