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Alabama houses two federal prisons and three federal prison camps. The Southeast Regional Office oversees each federal prison in Alabama. In total, 2,566 inmates are housed inside the state’s federal prisons. This page presents a list of Alabama federal prisons, how to search for each facility, and our Alabama federal inmate search.

Federal Prisons in Alabama by Security Level


  • FCI Talladega (Talladega, AL)


  • FCI Aliceville (Aliceville, AL)


  • FCI Aliceville Camp (Aliceville, AL)
  • FPC Montgomery (Montgomery, AL)
  • FCI Talladega Camp (Talladega, AL)
Alabama Federal Prisons

Federal Prisons in Alabama

FCI Aliceville

Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville is a low-security level federal prison located in Aliceville, Alabama. The Southeast Regional Office supervises this facility. FCI Aliceville is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 1,129 female inmates. This is the only Federal Bureau of Prisons facility in Alabama that houses female offenders.

FCI Aliceville Camp

Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville Camp is a minimum-security level federal prison located in Aliceville, Alabama. The Southeast Regional Office oversees this prison. FCI Aliceville Camp is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 170 male inmates.

FPC Montgomery

Federal Correctional Institution Montgomery is a minimum-security level federal prison located in Montgomery, Alabama. The Southeast Regional Office provides oversight for this facility. FPC Montgomery is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 358 male inmates.

FCI Talladega

Federal Correctional Institution Talladega is a medium-security level federal prison located in Talladega, Alabama. The Southeast Regional Office is responsible for this institution’s operations. FCI Talladega is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 768 male inmates.

FCI Talladega Camp

Federal Correctional Institution Talladega Camp is a minimum-security level federal prison located in Talladega, Alabama. The Bureau’s Southeast Regional Office monitors the facility. FCI Talladega Camp is a Medical Care Level 2 prison. It houses 90 male inmates.

Federal Prisons in Alabama

List of Alabama Federal Prisons

Approximately 2,500 inmates are housed in federal prisons in Alabama. Click on the below facility links to learn more about each of these facilities. These will take you to each facility’s comprehensive profile. On these profiles, you will find visiting procedures, each facility’s email address, and learn how to contact inmates incarcerated at each location.

The below list of Alabama federal prisons provides information about security level, inmate gender, physical mailing address, and inmate correspondence address. Psychology and educational programs, recreational offerings, and recent notable news are also presented.

The list of federal prisons in Alabama also includes comments from current inmates at each facility about what they like and dislike.

Aliceville FCI

Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville is a low-security federal prison. It currently houses over 1,000 female inmates. It is located in Pickens County between Aliceville and Pickensville, about 55 miles west of Tuscaloosa.

FCI Aliceville was the first federal prison in Alabama designated for women. In addition to the low-security prison facility, FCI Aliceville also contains a minimum-security satellite prison camp for female inmates.

FCI Aliceville is a Medical Care Level 2 institution. As such, the facility is equipped to meet the needs of stable inmates who require quarterly clinical evaluation for chronic conditions. These conditions include epilepsy and medication-controlled diabetes.

While incarcerated at FCI Aliceville, inmates can take English-as-a-Second Language, literacy, Adult Continuing Education, college correspondence courses, and parenting skills classes. In addition, the institution offers a release preparation program to help with the transition back to the outside world.

Please note that United States federal prisoners may not receive funds directly in the mail. Instead, family and friends must send funds to the National Lockbox in Des Moines, Iowa. This is the only way to send money to an inmate through the mail.

Montgomery FPC

Federal Prison Camp Montgomery is located in Montgomery, Alabama, on the grounds of Maxwell Air Force Base. Its three housing units allow inmates to live in a dormitory setting in two-person cubicles instead of the traditional cell structure like other federal prisons in Alabama.

FPC Montgomery has housed notable inmates. President Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, Nixon’s special counsel Charles Colson, and real estate developer Charles Kushner were housed at the facility.

To qualify to live at this minimum security satellite camp, inmates must not have committed a violent crime. They must also have less than ten years remaining on their sentence. Approximately one-third of inmates at FPC Montgomery are white-collar criminals.

This Medical Care Level 2 camp is designed to meet the needs of inmates in stable health but who have limited conditions. These conditions can include epilepsy, emphysema, and medically-controlled diabetes that require quarterly evaluation from a clinician.

Programs and classes available to inmates include psychological/mental health support, GED, and college correspondence classes. Recreation programs, and fitness activities, advanced occupational education, and vocational training are also available. The institution offers both leisure and legal libraries.

Of all Alabama facilities, FPC Montgomery offers the greatest number of enrichment opportunities that can help to improve the chances of successful reintegration back into the outside world.

Talladega FCI

Federal Correctional Institution Talladega is the only medium-security federal prison in Alabama. The facility is about 100 miles from Atlanta and 50 miles from Birmingham, Alabama.

FCI Talladega consists of two distinct housing types for male inmates: medium-security and a minimum-security satellite prison camp. Inmates at the medium-security portion live in one or two-person cells. Those at the camp reside in a dormitory setting.

The institution is famous for an inmate rebellion in 1991. During this riot, 121 Cuban inmates advocated stopping their deportation procedures from moving forward. They were incarcerated since the Mariel boatlift of 1980. After a ten-day standoff, an elite team of FBI hostage rescue specialists stormed the facility and took the rioters into custody. Prison officials reported no serious injuries.

FCI Talladega offers several programs to federal prison inmates in Alabama. These include substance abuse education, GED classes, and English-as-a-Second Language classes. Adult Continuing Education courses, vocational training, and apprenticeships are also available. Inmates also have access to sports and fitness opportunities.

Family, friends, and associates can visit an inmate during visitation hours. However, inmates must pre-approve visitors. Inmates must request the person’s inclusion on their visitation list. If authorized, staff issue a visitation application form for the prospective visitor’s completion.

It is the prisoner’s responsibility to mail this application to the prospective visitor for completion and submission. The visitor’s background check and approval process usually take one week to complete. Inmates are notified of approvals and can then inform the person.

Wikipedia Pages About Each Alabama Facility

Click on the below list of Alabama federal prisons to go to each facility’s Wikipedia page. Please note that while information on Wikipedia can be helpful to understand each facility’s background, our prison profiles are more comprehensive and authoritative. At the Zoukis Consulting Group, we also verify all of our prison profiles’ information.

Federal Women’s Prisons in Alabama

Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville is the only women’s federal prison in Alabama. All other facilities in the state house male inmates. This is typical of the Bureau of Prisons, where most institutions house male inmates. Only 28 federal institutions nationwide house female offenders.

FCI Aliceville is one of the few female institutions and the only federal women’s prison in Alabama. While few facilities house female inmates, the Bureau’s Reentry Services Division includes a Women and Special Populations Branch. This department develops programs designed to help female federal inmates reintegrate back into society.

Female prisoners have access to several gender-specific programs, including:

  • Domestic Violence Survival
  • Aging
  • Pro-Social and Assertive Communications
  • Emotional Regulation

If you are looking for an inmate in an Alabama federal prison, please read our inmate search page. This page explains how to locate and contact federal inmates in Alabama. You can also learn how to conduct an Alabama federal prison inmate search here.

More Information About Federal Prisons in Alabama

For the most comprehensive information about each facility, please see Christopher Zoukis’ Directory of Federal Prisons. And for information about prison life, culture, and policies, please see the Federal Prison Handbook by Christopher Zoukis.