FCI Estill | Estill Federal Prison

Federal Correctional Institution Estill is a medium-security federal prison located in Estill, South Carolina. It is also known as FCI Estill, Estill federal penitentiary, and Estill SC federal prison. FCI Estill Federal Camp is adjacent to the primary institution. Both prisons house male inmates.

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FCI Estill Contact Information

Facility Address & Contact Information

Federal Correctional Institution Estill
100 Prison Road
, SC 29918

Phone: 803-625-4607
Fax: 803-625-5635
Email Address: [email protected]

BOP Website: Bureau of Prisons Page
Wikipedia: Wikipedia Page

Inmate Correspondence Address

FCI Estill

Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Estill
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 699
, SC 29918

FCI Estill Federal Prison Camp

Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Estill
Satellite Prison Camp
P.O. Box 699
, SC 29918

How to Send Money

Federal inmates may not receive funds directly. See our page on sending money to federal prisoners. This page explains how to send money to inmates, including through the National Lockbox in Des Moines, Iowa.

Federal Correctional Institution Estill Inmate Information

Inmate Gender

Male Inmates

Prison Security Level

Facility Location

FCI Estill federal penitentiary is in Hampton County, off State Road 321, about 3 miles south of Estill.

BOP Region

Southeast Region

BOP Institution Code

EST for FCI Estill

Medical Care Level

Level 2. See our page on Medical Care Levels and Procedures for more information.

Mental Health Care Level

Level 2.

Judicial District

District of South Carolina

Population Number

FCI Estill houses approximately 990 inmates. The Estill federal camp houses around 50 inmates.

FCI Estill | Federal Correctional Institution Estill

FCI Estill Prison Services Information


Federal Correctional Institution Estill is a medium-security federal prison in Estill, South Carolina. It opened in 1993. Federal Correctional Institution Estill Satellite Camp is adjacent to the central institution. Both federal prisons house male inmates.

Both institutions are part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a United States Department of Justice agency.

Notable inmates include Peter Madoff, Bernie Madoff’s younger brother.

Media reports indicate that at least one guard has been indicted for bribery and smuggling contraband and drugs into the prison.

Inmate Housing Units

Inmates live in two- and three-person cells. Inmates at the Estill federal camp live in dormitories in two-person cubicles.

Health Services

Inmates arriving at FCI Estill federal penitentiary receive an initial medical screening during intake. The following medical services are available to inmates:

  • Medical Sick Call
  • Dental Sick Calls
  • Routine Sick Call
  • Medications
  • Medical Emergency Care
  • Eyeglasses
  • Medically Indicated Footwear
  • Routine Physical Examinations

Emergency medical care is available 24 hours a day.

Psychology Services

Psychology services include intake screenings, crisis intervention, and group counseling. Regular treatment groups include criminal thinking and anger management.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

The Estill SC federal prisons do not have the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), but inmates can be transferred to institutions that offer the program. Both facilities provide a Drug Education class, the Non-Residential Drug Treatment Program (NR-DAP), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

FCI Estill Educational, Library, and Recreation Offerings

Education Services

FCI Estill federal prison provides literacy, GED, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), and pre-release training programs. Parenting and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) programs are also available.

A graduation ceremony is scheduled twice a year for education classes (GED and ESL) and vocational occupation classes. Certificates for $25 are awarded upon successful completion and participation. Achievement incentives, such as commissary items, are also occasionally provided.

Additional $5 incentives are awarded for achieving a basic literacy level. Those who achieve 500 or higher scores in each subject area of the practice GED examination receive a $10 incentive payment.

High school diplomas and post-secondary degrees are available through paid correspondence programs.

You can learn more about prison education programs here.

Advanced Occupational Education

Estill federal penitentiary offers advanced occupational education in Manage First, Carpentry, Electrical, and Welding. The Estill federal camp offers Electrical and Plumbing. Both facilities also offer Serve Safe certifications.

Vocational Training

FCI Estill federal penitentiary does not offer any vocational training besides advanced occupational education and apprenticeship programs.


The Estill SC federal prison and the Estill federal camp offer apprenticeships in Baking, Cooking, Electrical, Housekeeping, HVAC, and Welding.

Library Services

Inmates can access a leisure and law library at both facilities. The law library contains the TRULINCS Electronic Law Library, typewriters, and a copy machine. The leisure library allows inmates to check out fiction and nonfiction books, newspapers, and magazines. The law library schedule is posted in the Education building.


FCI Estill federal prison and the camp do not have UNICOR facilities.


Inmates at Estill federal penitentiary are permitted to spend up to $360.00 each month for regular and special purchases. Stamps, over-the-counter medicine, copy cards, TRULINCS units, and phone time are excluded from this spending limitation.

Ice cream, food, beverages, electronics, clothing, and shoes can be purchased in the prison commissary.

Recreation Services

Inmates at both facilities have access to various inmate recreation offerings, including:

  • Recreation Yard
  • Hobby Craft Program
  • Sports Equipment
  • Musical Equipment
  • Wellness Classes
  • Photo Program

Table games, tournaments, and league events are available.

Inmates at FCI Estill federal penitentiary can participate in many intramural team sports, including:

  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

The hobby craft area is in the recreation leisure center. Classes in leather, art, drawing, beadwork, and crochet are available. The Recreation Department is open seven days a week.

Visitation Information for FCI Estill

Visitation hours are from 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Sundays and Saturdays. Visitation on federal holidays is between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. See our page on prisoner visitation rules for more information.

FCI Estill | Estill Federal Prison

FCI Estill in the News

On April 13, 2020, a tornado struck FCI Estill SC federal prison. While inmate phone service was terminated, the institution reportedly had power and ran off generator power.

In November 2016, Anthony Jermaine Creech, a correctional officer at Federal Correctional Institution Estill, was sentenced to six months in prison for smuggling marijuana and other contraband into the facility for bribes.

In February 2013, Peter Madoff, Bernie’s younger brother, was sent to FCI Estill SC federal prison.

In 2010, a large-scale fight broke out in the Estill federal penitentiary recreation yard, ending with law enforcement showing up at the scene. Nine inmates were sent to the hospital with injuries. Ambulance staff reported that prisoners had been beaten with shovels, rakes, and hoes and had wounds ranging from deep lacerations to possible broken bones.

In 2005, a former Estill SC federal prison guard was sentenced to 10 years for possessing heroin with intent to distribute to an inmate in exchange for $100,000.

More Information About Federal Correctional Institution Estill

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