FCI Pollock Federal Prison | Pollock Louisiana Prison

Federal Correctional Institution Pollock is a medium-security federal prison in Pollock, Louisiana. It is also known as FCI Pollock. FCI Pollock Camp is next to the main institution. Both federal prisons house male inmates.

FCI Pollock Contact Information

Facility Address & Contact Information

Federal Correctional Institution Pollock
1000 Airbase Road
Pollock, LA 71467

Phone: 318-765-4400
Fax: 318-765-4476
Email: [email protected]

BOP Website: Bureau of Prisons Page
Wikipedia: Wikipedia Page

Inmate Correspondence Address

FCI Pollock

Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Pollock
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4050
, LA 71467

FCI Pollock Prison Camp

Inmate Name and Registration Number
FCI Pollock
Satellite Prison Camp
P.O. Box 2099
, LA 71467

How to Send Money

Federal prisoners are not able to receive funds directly. Instead, family and friends must set up an account with Western Union, Money Gram, or the National Lockbox in Des Moines, Iowa, to send money to an inmate.

These options require the sender to have the inmate’s identification number, which can be found on their inmate locator website. The sender must also provide their address and phone number. Once the account is set up, the sender can deposit funds into an inmate’s account.

Learn more about how to send money to federal prisoners here.

Federal Correctional Institution Pollock Inmate Information

Inmate Gender

Male Federal Inmates

Prison Security Level

Facility Location

FCI Pollock is between Highways 165 and 167 in central Louisiana, approximately 12 miles north of Alexandria.

BOP Region

South Central Region

BOP Institution Code

POM for FCI Pollock, POX for Pollock Federal Correctional Complex

Medical Care Level

Level 1. See our page on Medical Care Levels and Procedures for more information.

Mental Health Care Level

Level 1.

Judicial District

Western District of Louisiana

Population Number

Pollock federal prison houses approximately 1,570 inmates. The camp houses around 145 inmates.

FCI Pollock | Pollock Louisiana Federal Prison

FCI Pollock Prison Services Information


Federal Correctional Institution Pollock is a medium-security federal prison in Pollock, Louisiana. It is part of the Pollock Federal Correctional Complex and houses male inmates.

Other Pollock federal prisons include the high-security United States Penitentiary Pollock (USP Pollock). This is another federal prison under the purview of the Department of Justice.

Notable inmates include:

  • Gambino crime family member Gene Gotti (sentenced to 50 years in prison for running a multi-million dollar heroin ring)
  • FBI-Ten-Most-Wanted fugitive and head of security for the white supremacist group The Order Richard Scutari (convicted of armed car robbery in an attempt to finance an overthrow of the U.S. government)

Media reports indicate that at least one guard has been indicted for accepting bribes to smuggle contraband into the institution. Additionally, at least three inmates have escaped from the camp.

Inmate Housing

Inmates live in two-person cells.

Health Services

Within 14 days of arrival at FCI Pollock, inmates receive a health care examination. All inmates can access sick calls, routine medical and dental calls, emergency medical treatment, and medications. To request routine health care, inmates must submit a sick call request to Health Services. Emergency care is available 24 hours a day.

Psychology Services

Pollock Louisiana prison offers inmates psychological treatment groups, such as anger management, criminal thinking, HIV/AIDS awareness, and others. Crisis counseling is available on an as-needed basis. Notices of upcoming offerings are posted in inmate housing units.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

FCI Pollock does not have the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) but does offer the Drug Abuse Education class and the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program (NR-DAP).

FCI Pollock Educational, Library, and Recreation Offerings

Education Services

The FCI Pollock Education Department provides literacy, GED, and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. A parenting program and Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes are also available. High school diplomas and post-secondary degrees are available to inmates through paid correspondence programs.

Advanced Occupational Education

Pollock, Louisiana, federal prison offers advanced occupational education in Building Trades, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Custodial Maintenance, Outdoor Motors, and Sewing.

Vocational Training

FCI Pollock offers no vocational training programs besides advanced occupational education.


Pollock Louisiana prison does not offer any apprenticeship programs.

Library Services

Inmates can utilize both the leisure and law libraries. Fiction and nonfiction books, magazines, and newspapers are available in the general library. An Interlibrary Loan Program is also available.

The law library offers legal material, typewriters, and a copy machine. The Education Department also has the TRULINCS Electronic Law Library.


The FCI Pollock UNICOR facility produces clothing and textiles.


Pollock Louisiana federal prison inmates can shop once a week in the commissary on a designated day. While a monthly spending limit of $360.00 is imposed, inmates can only spend up to $180.00 every two weeks. Some items include ice cream, candy, food, snacks, sodas, and clothing. Shoes, electronics, and over-the-counter medications are also available.

Recreation Services

The FCI Pollock Recreation Department offers both indoor and outdoor areas. Indoor activities include artwork and hobby craft projects. Outdoors are various sports and use of the track.

Visitation Information for FCI Pollock

Visitation is held between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, and Saturday. On federal holidays visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. See our page on prisoner visitation rules for more information.

FCI Pollock | Pollock Federal Prison

FCI Pollock Prison Culture Information

Prison Politics at Federal Correctional Institution Pollock

Pollock, Louisiana federal prison is a very political yard. Inmates must be part of a car to remain.

Level of Violence

There is significant violence in this prison. Inmates report frequent fights, common stabbings, and lots of violence-induced lockdowns.

Vulnerable Populations

Some inmates report that sex offenders can stay if they are part of a car and are honest from the start, while informants and LGBT inmates can remain if they are undercover. Other inmates assert that sex offenders, informants, and LGBT inmates cannot walk the yard.

Good at FCI Pollock Federal Prison

“Issued tubs for extra storage, which can be placed under your bunk.” “Nothing, no pros to that place at all.”

Bad at FCI Pollock Louisiana Prison

“Heavy Hispanic presence, with political implications.” “Everything, food, everyone is strung out; cops put you out there.” “Cops promote violence.”

Other Inmate Comments

“An alright yard, but try to be solid and fly under the radar.” “Stay away. Don’t go.”

FCI Pollock in the News

In April 2018, Byron A. Wyatt, a Federal Correctional Institution Pollock Medium guard, was convicted of accepting bribes to smuggle contraband.

More Information About Federal Correctional Institution Pollock

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