Bad Boys of Summer-San Quentin Baseball

San Francisco is known for it’s baseball team, the San Francisco Giants. But behind the prison walls of the maximum security prison, San Quentin is the San Quentin Giants. This is a baseball team made up of hard-core convicts coins serious time in one of the country’s most notorious prisons.

The baseball diamond field is housed on the grounds of San Quentin and for four months out of the year, the players of the San Quentin Giants gets to be part of a team – something that they do not get to experience in their lonely and desolate lives locked up in prison.

Inmates of San Quentin prison have been playing baseball within the compound since the 1920’s, however in 1994, inmates began playing against players from outside of San Quentin. The games occur twice a week during the summer. The team is named in honor of the San Francisco Giants and they have donated uniforms to help boost the spirit of the baseball players incarcerated.

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