Federal Prison Inmate Headcount Declines for Third Straight Year

Declining prison populations may eventually help alleviate the effects of overcrowding. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) reported last month that during Fiscal Year 2016 — which closed at the end of September — the number of federal inmates in its facilities declined for the third consecutive year. The 192,170 inmates in BOP facilities as

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Why Is Sweden Closing Its Prisons?

By Dianne Frazee-Walker Sweden is doing something to lower the recidivism rate and forcing prisons to close because they are taking a different approach to crime and punishment. Globally, we need to pay close attention to what Sweden is doing. The sentences are not as long in Sweden, which makes prison authorities realize the work

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Population Report: December 12, 2013

By Christopher Zoukis

On December 12, 2013 the Federal Bureau of Prisons released its latest BOP Population Report.  This report details the number of federal prison inmates, the name of each federal prison and their population number, the name of each privately-managed secure facility and their population number, and the populations at the various types of CCM offices.


Population of all BOP Institutions

ALDERSON FPC WV         1162

ALICEVILLE FCI   AL           857

ALICEVILLE-CAMP            AL           255

ALLENWOOD LOW FCI   PA          1318

ALLENWOOD MED FCI   PA          1308

ALLENWOOD USP            PA          1061

ASHLAND FCI     KY           1223

ASHLAND-CAMP              KY           301

ATLANTA USP    GA          1956

ATLANTA-CAMP               GA          554

ATWATER USP   CA          1446

ATWATER-CAMP              CA          142

BASTROP FCI      TX           1167

BASTROP-CAMP               TX           205

BEAUMONT LOW FCI     TX           1990

BEAUMONT MED FCI     TX           1753

BEAUMONT USP-CAMP                TX           580

BEAUMONT USP              TX           1489

BECKLEY FCI        WV         1639

BECKLEY-CAMP WV         448

BENNETTSVILLE FCI         SC           1656


BERLIN FCI          NH          502

BERLIN-CAMP   NH          97

BIG SANDY USP KY           1416

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