Convicts Against Cancer

Convicts Against Cancer

By Michael Flinner 

There are many forms of death sentences. The cruelest ones fall squarely upon the lives of those who don’t deserve them.

Cancer will touch the lives of every living person at one time or another, directly affecting them, a friend, or a loved one. No one is spared, young or old.

This is a tribute to the living memories of all of those who have endured the ravages of this destroyer of life, and we at wish to speak our love and hope to the lives of those who have touched us and whose bravery and dignity continue to inspire us.

As painful memories often yield creativity and insight, we’ve discovered tremendous clarity in this new venue where you and yours can share your honorary memorial and choose to support life and research by giving to this charity while standing in solidarity against the disease of a thousand faces.

The co-founder of (home of “Convicts Against Cancer”) lost his precious five-year-old daughter, Nina Elizabeth, to Wilms Cancer in November of 1998. Every 3 minutes in America, a child is diagnosed with cancer.

As the beautiful face of this venue, Nina reminds us that no single arc covers all of the human complexity. We intend to educate our viewers about Wilms Cancer and many others. Today, we here at are working to celebrate the living memory of Nina by incorporating the participation of willing supporters who would bring a brand new element to this charitable effort. The plan is to enlist the inmate populations around the nation actively involved in various hobbycraft programs to make something special for a suffering child. Ideally, we hope to locate hundreds of inmates who knit and would be willing to knit a colorful, kid-friendly beanie or scarf for a cancer-stricken child who lost their hair to chemotherapy – bridging the gap between pain and smiles with a loving sentimentality unlike any other.

For those willing to donate new knitted goods to this cause or other kid-friendly hobby-craft items, please use our postal mailbox in Arizona. We’ll ensure that every new item is given to a special little someone.

For those who are not incarcerated, feel free to purchase a child’s knitted cap or scarf and mail it or a donation to the same address. We need all of the help we can muster. This is just the beginning.

Convicts Against Cancer

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