Montcalm Community College Distance Learning for Inmates

Montcalm Community College Distance Learning for Inmates

Montcalm Community College is located in Sidney, Michigan.  The college offers correspondence courses designed specifically for prisoners.

Montcalm Community College’s distance learning courses are developed by faculty using the content of their classroom courses. A guide will help students understand the course material. It also contains assignments that students must complete and submit to the instructor for evaluation and feedback. Assignments are submitted by postal mail.

Students may enroll at any time. Each course is offered on a monthly basis. New classes begin on the second Monday of each month. Each correspondence course is approximately four months in duration, which can be extended as necessary.

Distance learning courses provide a highly structured method of independent study involving a tutorial relationship with a faculty member who guides student learning and monitors each student’s progress.

Most lessons require students to submit answers to objective questions, write brief essays, or both. Some lessons may require a paper or project. The study guide often includes self-check tests that help students monitor their own progress. Generally, two examinations are required — a midcourse and a final examination – and they are essay or project-based.

Cost and Payment

MCC’s correspondence tuition rate for the 2012-2013 year is $223 per contact hour.  Payment must be made in full for a student to start a course(s) and receive his or her materials. In addition to tuition, the students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks.

Payment may be made online at the time of registration with a credit card or by emailing [email protected] or calling 616-754-7706.  Payment is due by the 1st day of the month that the student plans to start a course(s).


Students may register online for distance learning courses. If this is a student’s first course with Montcalm Community College, an application for admission to the college must also be completed.  MCC’s Application for Admission can be completed online or printed and mailed or faxed to the college.

Courses Available:

  • BUSN135
  • BUSN141
  • BUSN151
  • BUSN200
  • MRKT233
  • MRKT234
  • MGMT235
  • MGMT250
  • ACCT105
  • ENGL100

Contact Montcalm Community College

Registration Information
E-mail [email protected]
Call 616-754-7706

Program Information
E-mail [email protected]