Distance Learning: Moody Bible Institute

Distance Learning: Moody Bible Institute

There are few religious institutions the world over as renowned as the Moody Bible Institute.  Founded in 1901, Moody has educated some of the greatest religious scholars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Moody Distance Learning offers two levels of study: Undergraduate and Fee-Based Bible Study.  Both of these are well respected in the industry.

Undergraduate Study

At the undergraduate level, Moody is regionally accredited along with holding religious accreditation through the Association for Biblical Higher Education.  They allow students to earn a Certificate in Biblical Studies, an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies.

Courses run $167 per credit hour and incur a $20 shipping fee per course.  Financing in the amount of $1,000 or more is also available.

According to the author of Education Behind Bars: A Win-Win Strategy for Maximum Security, “Independent Study courses allow you to undertake undergraduate courses on your own time and at your own pace through a printed correspondence format.  Courses are available for registration at any time and allow you six months to complete your studies.  Whether you want to prepare for ministry or simply strengthen your faith in the Lord through a deeper understanding of His word, taking an Independent Study course (or courses) is a decision you will not regret.”

The only aspect to give a potential incarcerated student pause is the matriculation requirement that one must transfer in 8 credits for an associate’s degree (roughly 3 courses) and 15 credits for a bachelor’s degree (roughly 5 courses).

Fee-Based Bible Study

Moody’s Fee-Based Bible Study program is one of the strongest and most challenging which I’ve ever come across.  While these courses don’t require a proctored examination, the material is comprehensive, and the testing is thorough.  A certificate earned through this level of study is a resume enhancer.

Moody offers two levels of courses here.  These are regular Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses and Scofield Bible Courses.  According to Moody, “CEUs are personal enrichment courses developed by Moody-approved instructors and theologians that enable you to grow deeper in Biblical truth.”

And about the Scofield courses, “The Scofield Bible Courses are for your personal enrichment, yet more in-depth than typical CEU courses, and provide a comprehensive, systematic, and trustworthy way to study the entire Bible and key doctrines.”

The following CEU Certificate series of courses are available through Moody Distance Learning:

  • Biblical Studies Certificate (10 courses required)
  • New Testament Certificate (10 courses required)
  • Personal Ministry Certificate (10 courses required)

The following Scofield Bible Certificate series of courses are available through Moody Distance Learning:

  • Scofield Old Testament (equivalent to 9 CEU courses)
  • Scofield New Testament (equivalent to 9 CEU courses)
  • Scofield Bible Doctrine (equivalent to 9 CEU courses)

According to Education Behind Bars, “You do not have to pursue a degree in order to enhance your ministry skills and strengthen your knowledge of God’s Word.  Moody Bible Institute’s Distance Learning program offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that cultivate your ability to accurately understand and effectively communicate the truth of Scripture for a low price.”

Moody offers several course selections and payment options at this level.

Each of the CEU programs allows the student to select between 2 and 3 electives in addition to the 7 or 8 required courses.  There are a total of 11 elective courses to choose from.  The cost per individual CEU course is $49 (plus $12 s&h for the first course and $2 for each additional course).  Or, the student can order a complete series of 10 courses for $367.50 (plus $30 s&h).

As for Scofield Bible Courses, the student can select an individual Scofield course for $200 (plus $28 s&h), all three Scofield courses for $540 (plus $28 s&h), three individual CEU courses for $90 (plus $16 s&h), or all three Scofield courses plus three CEU courses for $585 (plus $34 s&h).

Moody Bible Institute: A Real Possibility for Incarcerated Students

Hands down, these courses will challenge your students and make them work hard to complete them.  I learned a lot through the 10 courses I took through Moody Bible Institute, and I grew a lot through them.  I’m sure they will do the same for other incarcerated students, too.

Their mission statement does a terrific job of summarizing what they aim to do and, indeed, succeed in doing:

“The mission of Moody Distance Learning is to provide trustworthy, accredited degrees and programs that educate and enable students to serve their communities with Biblical thinking and Christian living.  To that end, we have translated the traditional Moody educational offerings into convenient distance learning formats that accommodate the educational needs of believers serving Christ across the globe.”

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