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U.S. federal law punishes most forms of sexual abuse with fines and lengthy terms in prison. That’s because American society views sexual crimes particularly seriously.

Those found guilty of sexual abuse, sexual abuse of a minor, or abusive sexual contact often face serious challenges upon being introduced to life in federal prison. This is understandable, since settling into prison for what could turn out to be 20 years or even longer is a huge adjustment in anyone’s life.

What’s important to remember is that finding the right defense lawyer for you is the best decision you can make to give yourself a chance at a more lenient sentence.

If you are in fact headed to federal prison for criminal sex abuse, the lawyers at the Zoukis Consulting Group are here to help. We will meet with you to review everything you need to know about serving your term in federal prison and becoming accustomed to prison life.

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How Sex Abuse Becomes a Federal Crime

To understand the full scope of criminal sex abuse as defined by the U.S. Code, it will be helpful for us to describe each type of offense and review the sentencing for each.

As we always like to remind people, many crimes can be prosecuted as state or federal crimes. Crimes that would otherwise be state offenses become federal crimes if certain conditions are met.

In the case of the multiple types of criminal sex abuse, the offense is federal if it occurred in the federal or maritime jurisdictions of the United States, in a federal prison, or anywhere else where prisoners are held by the authority of the U.S. federal government.

Now you know how criminal sex abuse becomes a federal crime. But how does the U.S. Code describe the various kinds of sex abuse?

Criminal Sexual Abuse; Attempt to Commit Criminal Sexual Abuse

Under federal law, criminal sex abuse is classified as knowingly causing someone else to participate in sexual activity due to threats or fear. It can also be engaging in sexual activity with someone who is incapable of understanding what is happening, unable to refuse the contact, or has blatantly expressed a desire not to engage in the sexual activity.

Individuals found guilty of doing or attempting to do these things can be fined and sentenced to a prison term lasting any number of years or even for life.

Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under the Age of Sixteen Years (Statutory Rape) or Attempt to Commit Such Acts

We next move to criminal sexual abuse of a minor. The U.S. Code defines a minor as someone older than 12 but younger than 16. The offense also calls for the victim to be four years younger than the perpetrator.

Individuals commit criminal sexual abuse of a minor–an act known as statutory rape, even if the sexual act was consensual–when they engage in sexual activity with that minor.

The offense becomes federal when it is perpetrated on federal lands, in a federal prison, or in any place where prisoners are held by a federal agency.

A statutory rape lawyer from the Zoukis Consulting Group can mount multiple defenses in court for you, depending on conditions met at the time. For instance, it is a defense if the perpetrator reasonably believed the victim to be older than 16 prior to the sexual act.

Individuals found guilty of committing federal statutory rape or attempting to commit that act can be fined and sentenced to prison for up to 15 years.

Criminal Sexual Abuse of a Ward or Attempt to Commit Such Acts

Another specific kind of criminal sex abuse charge from which a federal sex crimes lawyer can defend you is sexual abuse of a ward. Let’s unpack what this means.

Sexually abusing a ward is a federal crime if, while on federal lands or in a federal prison, someone engages in a sex act with someone in legal detention or who is under the supervision of the perpetrator.

Someone found guilty of committing or attempting to commit this crime can be fined or imprisoned for up to 15 years.

Abusive Sexual Contact or Attempt to Commit Abusive Sexual Contact

We finally come to the crime of abusive sexual contact. This crime is somewhat of an umbrella concept that encompasses a multitude of other behaviors aside from the sexual abuse itself.

The U.S. Code entry on abusive sexual contact allows different punishments for different kinds of abusive sexual contact.

For instance, it is considered a federal case of abusive sexual contact if someone, while on federal property, knowingly engages in sexual activity while committing aggravated sexual abuse. That means to use force or threaten the victim during the contact. In addition to a fine, the penalty for this offense is a prison term of up to 10 years.

The other types of abusive sexual contact involve sex abuse, sex abuse of a minor, and sex abuse of a ward, all of which are covered above.

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