Prison Gadfly: Interview with Christopher Zoukis

The term “gadfly” was used by Plato in the Apology to describe Socrates’s relationship of to the Athenian political scene, which he compared to a slow and dimwitted horse.  Essentially, Socrates was a goad, a poignant reminder of right and wrong.  So a gadfly is someone who upsets the existing state of affairs by asking

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Call for Manuscripts: Launches Book Publishing Arm

By Christopher Zoukis

It is with great pride that announces its entry into the realm of book publishing.  Middle Street Publishing,’s owner, is now entering the publishing industry with a focus on providing much-needed texts.  Middle Street Publishing, a South Carolina non-profit dedicated to social justice, is interested in publishing books that are needed, but might not be commercial blockbusters.  The point is to bring such books to the marketplace so that those who need them will have access to them.  Image courtesy

The staff members of Middle Street Publishing are old hats when it comes to the book publishing industry.  With over 10 published books to their staff’s credit (their own books, not published by MSP), hundreds of book reviews, hundreds of articles, scores of texts edited, and a number of successful book promotional campaigns under their belts, this is a group of talented book creation, marketing, and promotion professionals who know what it takes to make a successful book and market it effectively.  This group of experienced book industry professionals is now interested in publishing for the prison education and prison reform marketplaces.

The purpose behind the Middle Street Publishing/ book publishing venture is to find authors who have something important to say in the prison education and prison reform arenas and help them bring their work to the marketplace.  Their publishing strategy is simple:

~Offer authors healthy contracts.

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Call for Manuscripts: Prison Law Blog Opens Doors to Book Publishing

The Prison Law Blog, a property owned and operated by Middle Street Press, is proud to announce its entry into the publishing realm.  Books.  Simply stated, Middle Street Press aims to publish books that are needed, irrespective of a profit motive.  Let’s face it, not all books are money makers, but just because a book

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