The Elijah Network

The Elijah Network

Creating strong family bonds to prevent domestic violence and ensure a peaceful community is what The Elijah Network strives to accomplish. The Elijah Network partners with churches, schools and government agencies to help youth grow in a positive, supportive, faith-based community. 

One of the programs that The Elijah Network is involved with is the Dare to be You program. This program helps to empower adults and youth from diverse communities by focusing on positive development of youth through training, curriculum and technical assistance. 

In the last ten years we have touched the lives of hundreds of families and prevented destructive behaviors like domestic and public violence, crime, substance abuse and teen pregnancy.

Decision-making, Assertiveness, Responsibility and Esteem are the core principles behind the Dare to be You program. This program has been made possible with a grant funded by the Colorado State University Extension 4-H Youth Development. 

The Dare to be You program works directly with families to help resolve conflict issues and to help build self-esteem within each individual and as part of the family network. Other aspects of the Dare to be You program include family management, communication, problem solving, and developmental issues. 

Other grant programs that are within the Elijah Network include Children of Inmates, Project Safe Neighborhood and Drug-Free Communities. 

The Elijah Network believes that a strong unified community as well as strong family bonds can help ensure that children are protected and grow to be productive members of society. 

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