The Prison Scholar Fund

The Prison Scholar Fund

With a prison population of nearly 2.5 million inmates in the United States, the U.S. surpasses all other countries in the percentage of citizens that it imprisons. 

Federal funding for education while behind bars is denied to prisoners, giving little hope of rehabilitation for prisoners. This creates nonexistent opportunities for inmates to receive post-secondary education. 

Statistics show that inmates that receive education while incarcerated have greatly reduced, if nonexistent, recidivism rates. This means that providing prisoners with educational opportunities actually costs tax payers much less money than keeping them in prison. 

The more educational programs successfully completed for each six months confined, the lower the recidivism rate.

The Prison Scholar Fund is a grassroots organization that invests in incarcerated students. They strongly believe that empowering prisoners with post-secondary education while behind bars, will not only help reduce recidivism rates, but will also create more humane conditions for prisoners. 

The core values of The Prison Scholar fund are:


  • Every inmate has the potential to become a law-abiding and contributing member of society.
  • Quality education bestows knowledge which unlocks human potential.
  • Every inmate should have access to quality education regardless of ability to pay.
  • Those most affected by a problem should have the chief hand in its solution. 


The Prison Scholar Fund finds investors willing to supply funds for educational grants to prisoners. In addition, the team is working diligently to amend the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which put a halt to prisoners being able to receive Pell Grants. 

The Prison Scholar Fund is run by volunteer staff and contributions. If you would like to help with this important educational program for prisoners, please read more here.