The Death Row Inmate Project

What follows is the text from a very informative zine titled A Grassroots Anti-Death Penalty Social Network.

“The Death Row Inmate Project is a volunteer-based collaboration which continues to grow out of a call for global recognition of fallibilities within the capital punishment controversy, as well as wrongful convictions resulting from the death sentences from broken judicial systems here and abroad – executing innocent people.

This diverse grassroots organization provides a voice for the marginalized while catering to the demands of those who weep for societal change, dispelling horrific stigma while in pursuit of truth and equal justice, educating the people with an accurate flow of information, and working to remove the oppressive conditions on death rows around the world.

Born in the flames of adversity, even now, Death Row Inmates remains the direct product of the existential conflict of men and women alike on death row. It was formed to meet the needs of others like us, because no-one can better relate to captivity, than the captive himself. Think about that! From our tiny prison cells to yours (or that of a loved-one) between the caged will and intellect of your peers and the hearts and minds of our compatriots in the outside world, we hope to create a formidable alliance that works to transcend these dire circumstances. We’re staking our very lives on it!

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